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The Empathy Game

The Empathy Game

We made this game to connect people on a deeper level. The Empathy Game connects the dots. It engages people to share, listen, and engage with stories beyond their own frame of reference. There’s more to discover and learn. Let’s play!

Available here.

© Saskia H. Herrmann & Jorik Elferink 2018

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The idea for the game came through learning about the ins and outs of design thinking at Hyper Island. The core of the message there was, that you have to be able to understand yourself, and empathise with your team. Understanding yourself and the people around you, in order to be able to empathise with others who's problems you'll end up solving through products or services.

Our class often used tools and methods which allowed us to playfully learn to empathise with each other, and acquire the language to express our thoughts and feelings better. That was all great stuff, but how accessible are those playful tools, and methods to the broader public? That's where the idea for the game came in.

We developed multiple prototypes which have developed from basic conversation starter questions, to testing different ways to engage people with each other's stories. Friends and families were the first lab rats for this game. We've had the great pleasure to hear new/odd/hilarious/thrilling stories from people we've known for decades. 

We're stoked because the mechanism unlocks something truly magical.