The Tatas

The Tatas

Logo Design by  Lisa Nyberg

Logo Design by Lisa Nyberg

The Tatas is a rugby charity team which aims to 

Female Support Initiatives

Advocate for Body Positivity

Inclusive Representation of Girls + Women in Sports 

What we do

  • Support Female Empowerment initiatives

    • Collect funds to support and/or start initiatives

    • Connect initiatives to resources + people

    • Provide girls + women with sporting essentials

  • Advocate Body Positivity

    • “There’s a spot for everyone on the team”

  • Inclusive representation of girls + women in sports

    • Increase visibility and representation of girls/women in sports

      • Tell stories “Women of Rugby”

      • Promote female role models


Inclusively empower girls and women to

  • thrive in sports

  • believe in the power of their bodies and minds

  • power up with pride.

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